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Abigayle LaClair
Staff Writer

Hi there! My name is Abigayle LaClair, my nickname is Abi. I am a 15-year-old sophomore. I love to play sports, but my favorite one is either cheer or football (football is probably #1). One thing I accomplished was the fact that I managed to get a scholarship during my two years of cheerleading for the Pop Warner Bulldogs. My goal this year is to pass all my classes with A’s and B’s. Some of my favorite things are baking, skating, painting, and taking pictures of the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. What I am planning on doing for my career is being a photographer. I am going to get into sports this 2023-2024 school year. The sports I am interested in are Unified cheer, track and field, weightlifting, and flag football. As a kid, I used to play the acoustic guitar. Don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me!

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