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Why You Should Get Your License

Its Importance in High School

April 25, 2021 4:36 PM
Obtaining a driving license is a rite of passage for many (Andras Vas/Unsplash)
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Note: This story was originally produced over a month ago. Information, dates, predictions, and other details may be outdated.

Most students enter high school around the age of 14-15 and are almost ready to go out into the real world. One of the most essential parts of being an adult is being able to drive from place to place, as it is necessary to quickly go to and from different places. While it is not needed for most students (aside from certain scenarios), it is recommended that you get your license before you graduate.

Much of society effectively requires you to have a car in order to function (Jorik Kleen/Unsplash)

To get a driver’s license, you must first get a learner's permit. The earliest a student can get one is at 15 years old, and then you must wait at least one year in order to get your license. You must take and pass the permit test (which usually is around 50 questions). After the whole year is up, you must go to the DMV where you will take the road test. When all of this is completed, you will be granted a driver's license. It is important to note that you do not need to be 18 years old to have a license, you can get it as early as 16 if you start right away.

Having a driver's license is essential for maintaining a job in and out of high school. While it is certainly possible to walk or ride a bicycle to work, it will be near impossible to bike out of state for other potential job-related opportunities. On top of this, there are many job fields that have cars as a requirement, as they cannot be done without them, such as paid transportation (taxis, Uber, etc.) and door-to-door delivery. Take away the car and the job becomes way harder, if not impossible, to do. Having a car is the most important prerequisite for maintaining a job.

Furthermore, having a car also provides safety benefits for students, as there are not many ways for students to protect themselves outside of their homes. Many students in our school must walk home from school, due to their parents not being home or other reasons. Some students can travel in groups, but not everyone is able to do this.  This leads to many days where they are walking home alone, which is not always the safest thing for minors to do. Students with driver's license can drive safely to and from home without the constant danger that comes from lonesome travel. Aside from this, it is safer for students to be able to have constant access to a car whenever they are home alone,  or just home in general. If an emergency were to take place in their home, then it would be necessary for that student to be able to hop in a car or vehicle and be able to drive away from the danger as soon as possible. Another example would be if a student gets into danger and needs to escape from whatever is currently pursuing them, or the place of danger. Cars are always helpful and can keep students safe when it is needed in any situation.

Besides all these practical uses, there are many social benefits, as well as smaller slice-of-life perks to come with having a car. It is very inconvenient for parents to have to constantly drive their kid's places like school, their friends' house, etc. It is great for students to be able to drive to these places on their own, so long as they have their parents' permission. On top of this, having a car and being able to drive it just makes students feel good about themselves. The freedom of being able to go as you please is incredible. It is also convenient for parents and family, especially if you have a second car lying around. They can send their child to do errands that they need done and help with the heavy load of responsibilities. If they need milk from the gas station, they can just send the kid out to do it while they work on something else that might need more attention. It is beneficial to everyone in the household to have a driver’s license.

It is very important for students to try and get their license and get on the road as early as possible due to the many benefits you can gain from it, and the skills it will provide for you later on in life.

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