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The Partin Ranch Corn Maze Update

Fun for the Whole Family Despite COVID

April 22, 2021 7:25 PM
If you go to Partin Ranch, expect to see lots of corn! (Tsikavyi/ Wikimedia Commons)
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Note: This story was originally produced over a month ago. Information, dates, predictions, and other details may be outdated.

As we enter fall, and the leaves turn yellow, and the wind picks up, our favorite fall festival returns! Partin Ranch Corn Maze has still decided to run their annual festival but with extra safety precautions due COVID-19.  

The reopening day is Saturday, October 17 and ends Sunday, November 8. If you are looking to bring family, kids under the age of two can get in free while anyone three years or older must pay the normal $10 admission or $20 for their season pass. Tickets will not be sold past 4 pm during the event.

Although they are continuing the festival this year, it will come with some changes for their guests' safety. Due to the pandemic, changes are being made to the maze course as it will only have one entrance and exit. They will also do their best to ensure tables are constantly sanitized and will add plenty of hand washing stations to keep everyone safe. If you are afraid to travel there and get turned away, do not worry because they will not limit capacity but will only advise social distancing. The festival will also have to remove “Butterfly Dan" and will not allow school trips. Regular rules and guidelines still apply, such as a shoe and shirt requirement and no pets. To see all the rules and guidelines go to the Partin Ranch Corn Maze website.

Partin Ranch Corn Maze has many fun options for the kiddos, like their pony ride, similar to the one depicted here (Virginia State parks/Wikimedia Commons)

Even though we are going through a pandemic, Partin Ranch Corn Maze are doing their best to keep people entertained. They are still bringing their annual activities such as the maze (of course), barrel train, hayrides, ranch animals, kiddie zipline, harvest rides, cornball cannon, pumpkin patch, and craft vendors. Some of these activities, such as the pony rides, will not come with admission, so you will have to bring extra cash for them. They will also be holding a special event the Halloween weekend in which kids with costume ages three through twelve get in free.

If the prices seem to high, an array of discounts are in place, some of which are: $1 off for boys and girl scouts in uniform, $2 off for military members, $2 off first responders, $2 off people sixty-five years or older, and $2 off for each person with a group of twenty people.

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