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The Dawgs Take Their First Win

Our Varsity Football Team Has Their First Win Against Celebration

November 2, 2020 12:36 PM
The Dawgs get ready for the next play (Tristan Ramos)
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Note: This story was originally produced over a month ago. Information, dates, predictions, and other details may be outdated.

On September 25, SCHS faced Celebration for the season opener of the new football season. This first game was an important one not only because it was an essential win for their season, but because it was the catalyst for other sports being able to play this year.

The Dawgs got a 35-7 win against Celebration. One of our first offensive pushes resulted in an eight yard touchdown run by Patrick Forsyth and the Dawgs first touchdown of the season. They were leading going into the second quarter and kept it going during second quarter with another touchdown run for Patrick Forsyth, this time for 31 yards. With Hayden Taylor also having a touchdown during his run, SCHS pretty much sealed the victory going into the end of the game.

We had 227 rushing yards and 47 passing yards, a combined 274 yards, during the game. Offense was not the only thing SCHS was preforming well in. The Dawgs defense also had 58 total tackles that helped to keep Celebration at only seven points. With this win, they are 1-0 in the young season; and despite them hoping to keep the winning streak going against Osceola on the ninth of October*, the next game is not only first thing St. Cloud needs to worry about.

COVID-19 is a major concern for the Dawgs, as the last thing we want is an outbreak because of the game. Precautions like social distancing and masks wearing are in place. COVID-19 guidelines like this are going to be in place for the rest of the season or as long as COVID-19 is still a problem. Every other seat must be skipped in order to accommodate for social distancing guidelines. Also, wearing masks are now precautions that are now the norm in public events. SCHS has done an excellent job at keeping these guidelines in check at public events and at the high school.

Despite the fact spectators had to wear masks and stay six feet apart, my experience at the game was not at all hindered. I had a great time enjoying a varsity football game for the first time. Since the game went so well it looks like the rest of the season can go on with no issue. This is a great sign for the school and other sports as things can go smoothly; and hopefully, soon, we can all go back to school again like we used to. The Dawgs still have the rest of the season ahead of them and they are ready to take it on and come out on top.

*This article was written prior to this game

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