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SCHS Baseball's First Game

The Dawgs Lost Against Osceola 4-3

December 10, 2020 3:34 PM
As this was the Dawgs' first game of the season, they hoped to get off to a good start (Matthew T. Rader/Unsplash)
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Note: This story was originally produced over a month ago. Information, dates, predictions, and other details may be outdated.

October 8 was fall baseball's first game against Osceola High School. It may not have gone the way they wanted but there was definitely something to take away from the experience. Before that is discussed, I must say, as a disclaimer, that I am on the baseball team and have been since my freshman year. I have played baseball since I was a was a little kid, so most of my life has been around the sport.

The SCHS Baseball Team plays very hard like this baseball player shown here (Brandon Mowinkel/Unsplash)

Back to the game, SCHS played well against Osceola. It was a big defensive game with a low score, but it was still a loss as they incurred a 4-3 loss. At first, the Dawgs scored the first run and had the game tied. Good defense kept SCHS in the game until they were walked off in the last inning with a one run double for Osceola.

Most do not know this, but the fall season has nothing to do with school. We practice on the field, wear SCHS gear, and play games on the field, but we do not play for the school yet. The team cannot even wear jerseys with a mention of a bulldog on it. We are technically a travelling ball team playing other school's independent teams just for fun, playing for practice, but the spring season is when the games really matter. Nonetheless, the games coming up are still important to the team even though they do not really count on the record. This is a learning experience for the team and a starting point as for how the season will go.  

As a player myself I cannot wait until the spring comes, we play for the championship, and we bring it home after long years of heartbreak. We have a lot more games in the fall season, so we have plenty of chances to settle the score with Osceola. Once the spring season starts, a whole lot of work must be done if we want to win, but that is just a small price for bring the championship back for the SCHS Baseball Team.

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