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Azariah Williams Interview

A Review of the 2020 SCHS Football Seasons and its Impact on Seniors

April 25, 2021 6:11 PM
Azariah Williams has been an invaluable to SCHS football and will be missed as he departs SCHS (Azariah Williams/Hudl)
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Note: This story was originally produced over a month ago. Information, dates, predictions, and other details may be outdated.

The SCHS Football season ended on December 11, 2020 at Harmony High School. It finished off on a good note for the Bulldogs, with a 21-17 win to saw off the horns of the Longhorns. Due to COVID-19 complications during the season, there will be no playoffs for the Bulldogs this season. The Bulldogs still have football in the spring, but it will not be the same feeling of playing under the lights of the football field with the crowd cheering when SCHS scores.  

Screenshot of video of the December 11, 2020 game against Harmony High (Azariah Williams/Hudl)

Senior football players are experiencing their last season at SCHS and their last win. I talked with senior football player Azariah Williams before his game with Harmony high school about how he felt before his final game of the 2020 football season. Williams stated, “I feel good, and my team feels good. we’re ready." And ready they were, with the win as I mentioned before.

I also asked what William's thoughts were on how different the season has been for him and his team and if COVID-19 had prevented him from progressing with his skills through the season. "When we got quarantined, we lost a lot of games we were ready to play but now they're gone,” he said. The hardships SCHS football experienced just made them work harder in order to get to play again. “We have been working and we are ready to play” Williams said. COVID-19 has been a big hurdle for school athletics but with the right precautions we all get closer to what our lives used to be.  

With the last fall season over, most seniors are now looking toward the spring season, and more importantly what are they going to do after high school. Most high school athletes see their football careers over after their senior year, but some get the chance to keep going into college and even the professional league. My last question to Azariah Williams was if he was planning to play football in college, possibly professional. “I do have a scholarship right now, but I want more” Williams said.

Williams is trying his hardest to keep playing the sport he loves, and having one is not enough for him. The more scholarships you have, the better the chance you have at getting into a good college, therefore the better chance for an athlete to be able to go to the school they like. Senior athletes this year both looking to keep playing sports in college and the ones ending their career in high school are anxious to enter a new chapter in their life, but they have been preparing for this for since they have started kindergarten, or even Pre-K for that matter.

I wish Azariah Williams and all the other athletes to have great seasons and the best of luck in their post high school activities.

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