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Acting Amid Adversity

SCHS' Theatre Company and COVID-19

October 23, 2020 1:28 PM
A group does a finishing dance number. COVID-19 will limit the manner by which our theatre dept. can perform (Nadim Merrikh/Unsplash)
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Note: This story was originally produced over a month ago. Information, dates, predictions, and other details may be outdated.

The St. Cloud Theater and Drama Production Company had to find new and alternative ways to get their work done and put on new productions when possible.

A student in the Online Theater 1 said “It’s harder to do theater over the computer digitally because you don’t get to see your friends or interact with people as much[,] so it makes it harder when you’re going back and meeting new people and obviously [don’t] know them. Also with work, if we do group work and we’re working together, it’s also harder because you have to learn them through the computer.”

This statement shows while the St. Cloud Theater Company had their share of unforeseen setbacks and difficulties, this does not mean doing their work is impossible. The St. Cloud Theater Company, so far, has been able to proceed with normal teaching and regular rehearsals in school. While the theater company is trying to plan their next move on what to do, the St. Cloud Improv Team is showing positive, successful results. Both the Theater Company and the Improv Team are sure to be careful because of everything going on in the world right now. While it has proved to truly be a challenge for all of us, many of the members of the theater company and improv are trying their best to make the best of the current situation.

The state of SCHS' theatrical performances was in question due to COVID-19 (Kyle Head/Unsplash)

As of the writing of this story*, there is no immediate answer as to whether there will be any new productions at St. Cloud High School as safety is a major concern for students, parents, teachers, and faculty alike. Although some of the students cannot attend and be a part of the theater company in person, they are still trying their absolute best and completing their work in the company as well as their other assignments in different classes.

Theatre students doing digital at home learning are working just as hard as everyone else who attends SCHS in person, if not harder. They strive to not only complete the work they have been assigned in their regular classes each day, but also strive to work hard to be part of the theater company and have fun performing, be it in school or in the safety and comfort of their own home. Just like many other activities in the school, the Theater Company has had to make many adjustments in order to pull off digital learning in this time of crisis. Education has proved to be difficult and (in some cases) a stressful challenge for many of us. Despite that, we continue to push forward and power through so we can continue to be educated and be prepared for what lies ahead in the near and distant future.

*This article was written before the Theatre Company announced their 2021 production.

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